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The WEIGANG Group is the only manufacturer of organisational products concentrating solely on achieving a premium with all its brands and across all relevant market sectors. Learn more about this remarkable family-owned company.

Research and development, design, central marketing, purchasing, production, shipping and further centralised services are located at the WEIGANG AG headquarters in Ebern. Responsible director at this location is Georg Jahn.

There are currently three sales channels. These are managed by our own sales organisations.

WEIGANG Primoris offers wholesalers and major customers an individualised product programme from the field of classic organisational products and moderation technology. Werner Biedermann is your point of contact for this sector. Further information is available at 

As the name implies, the WEIGANG Vertriebsgesellschaft (sales company) is responsible for the sale of classic organisational products and visualisation equipment: the range covers planning boards that give an overview of production and logistics planning, to TQM information elements that provide quick and easy communication; our long-standing consulting and sales partners also offer solutions for large industrial companies, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. Georg Jahn is your point of contact for classic organisational products. Further information is available at

Healthcare and administration are hot topics at our company. The Definitiv Organisation (the third sales channel of the WEIGANG Group) deals specifically with these areas. For years now, customers have been supplied with modern and easily manageable organisational products. Georg Jahn is your point of contact for Definitiv. Visit to learn more about the range of services. 

In addition to these sales channels, WEIGANG Media offers modern printing services to members of the WEIGANG Group and also directly to outside customers. Meet Georg Jahn, your point of contact, at